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Selling Your Property

A Fast Sale Can Be All in the Way You Market


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Why does one property in a neighborhood sell faster than another that is similar in price and size?



An effective marketing plan goes a long way in making your property seem a better buy than the next, therefore attracting more potential buyers.


Your Today's Realty professional can help you with advertising, such as flyers, newspaper ads, yard signs, Internet listings, but as the seller, there are things you can do too.

Price your property to sell


Properties that are priced within market value sell much faster than those overpriced. Overpricing your home can cause you to miss out on potential purchase offers, because buyers may think that you aren't a serious seller. You should work w

ith your real estate professional to come up with a competitive asking price.



Make a good first impression. The appearance inside and out is important to selling your property quickly. The outside of the property is the first thing the buyer sees. Make sure that the yard is well-manicured, bushes and trees are groomed, and the yard is free of debris.

On the inside, neutral colors and traditional layouts are thought of as "safe options" that appeal to most buyers. Properties with strong colors or busy wallpaper might make the home more difficult to sell. Clear those counters and tables. If there is too much clutter around the property, chances are the potential buyer won't see the home for what it's really worth. Clutter will also make the property look smaller than it actually is. Your real estate professional can help suggest ways to "set the stage" and make the property ready for showing.


Leave the property/house


Give the buyer space. Most real estate professionals agree that a property sells faster when the seller is not present when prospective buyers are viewing the home. Oftentimes, buyers feel uncomfortable around the seller and might not inspect everything they would want to. They might not want to offend the buyer or seem impolite. As a result, potential buyers may rush through the showing and simply move on to the next home on their list.




Make your property easily available for showing. If you have a complicated showing procedure (such as needing 24-hour notice for previews) you may eliminate a good portion of the buying market. Many requests from real estate professionals are for same-day, even last minute, showings.


If you are considering selling your home, enlist the help of a Today's Realty professional who will assist you in creating an efficient marketing plan, a strategy that not only gives you the price you deserve, but also ensures that the property sells in a timely manner. A qualified agent will give you valuable advice on how to best meet both of these goals.

For more information about selling your property as quickly and effectively as possible, click here to select a REALTOR from our team at Today's Realty.



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