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Restaurants & Entertainment


Presented by:

  Jason Young, REALTOR

The Flavours of Guam

By:  Jason Young, REALTOR



Buenas yan Håfa Adai!



If you like to eat then you will like living on Guam. Food is an essential part of the culture on Guam, from the village and family fiestas to the multitude of local restaurants.  You will find that Guam has a lot to offer in the food department from major restaurant chains to local chef owned fine dining.  


Guam caters largely to the Japanese tourist market so there is a plethora of Japanese restaurants to choose from, 24 hour noodle houses to high end sushi and teppanyaki. Guam is also host to many unique local places that specialize in various cuisines that vary from Mexican all the way to Jamaican. Guam has a very proud reputation that no one here goes hungry and everyone is welcome no matter who they are.  


Every village has their own annual fiesta that is open to the public and each village is in friendly competition to host the best fiesta on Guam.  And if you want to sample all of Guam’s local BBQ delights then the Chamorro village night at Chamorro village will be a feast for you and your taste buds every Wednesday night all year long.



Guam has loads to offer in terms of things to do.
Naturally we need to start with the beach being an island we have quite a few beaches all over the island from north to south. The great thing about having as many beaches as we do is that you have many different types of experiences. You can go to the major tourist beach in Tumon where Most of Guam’s hotels are located and there you will find independent beach bars and most hotels offer poolside bars, if you prefer a more extreme beach experience you might find your way over to Agana Bay which is approved for watercraft so you can expect to see weekend jet ski races and others just enjoying themselves during their free time. Guam also is host to a few surf spots and sites where you will find more than a few kite boarders. Southern Guam is host to many private beaches and public beaches that give you a deep sense of privacy.  
After you are done playing on the beach it’s time to go under it! Diving and snorkeling is a must do if you live in this part of the world and Guam offers diving for beginners all the way to advanced and specialty diving. Guam offers a full range of beach based dives and boat based dives so no matter your skill level or dive preference you will have a large variety of dives available to you Guam even has a tourist submarine if you want to explore the depts of the sea without getting wet.
After you have explored the ocean it’s time to play back on land, Guam has several golf courses at many skill levels. Off roading and 4x4 sports are popular in addition to car racing and other motorsports so if you’re a gear head welcome home.  Guam also offers many clubs and team sports, It doesn’t matter if you play baseball, football, soccer, rugby we have it all in addition to things like paddling and even spear fishing.
If you’re not so interested in outdoor activities let the shopping and nightlife begin.  Pleasure Island isn’t just a slogan it’s a promise!  Guam also offers a large selection of bars and clubs for your enjoyment so don’t worry if you’re looking for an elegant place to relax and decompress or you're more interested in bar hopping or clubbing not only do we have it but we have options to let your dreams come true.
Enjoy all that Guam has to offer!



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