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It's time for business


There are many homegrown businesses all over the island that have been joined in recent years by big box arrivals from the mainland and asia.  We have been fortunate to have assisted many of these businesses with their location requirements -- both with lease and purchase arrangements.  


We have designed this section of our site to help you search for what you need to accomodate the requirements of your business or investment profile.  


In the Rentals section you will find office, retail, warehouse, storage and mix-use type space throughout the island.  Perhaps you have decided it's time to move from renting to owning and you'd like to find a Commercial Building to fit your requirements.  Check out the Commercial Buildings section.  


Many investors get started with Multi-Family properties, such as 2, 4 or more rental units.  Click on Multi-Family Buildings for all the details.


Perhaps, instead of buying or renting something that's already constructed, you might want to take on the role of developer.  Depending on your land use requirements, you can select among several land categories:  Commercial, Industrial, Heavy Industrial, Multi-Family, Agricultural, Parking or Hotel Zoned properties.


Thinking of starting a business?  Why not consider purchasing an existing operation.  Check out Businesses for sale to get started.


We have also assembled a list of resources to help you navigate through the requirements of development, doing business on Guam, financing and more.  


There is certainly a lot to consider when venturing into the realm of commercial real estate.  We at Today's Realty would love to help you along.  


Click here to select a REALTOR from our team at Today's Realty. 







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