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    Anthony R. Godwin

My Guam Home!

 By Anthony Ray Godwin, REALTOR with Today's Realty


Whenever I visit any part of the planet and am asked where I'm from, I say that I"m from the most beautiful place on earth!   Of course the usual response is, "Where is that?"


My answer of course, is my hometown of Guam!


Guam is many things to many people, so you won't find this section of our website just to be the typical run down of the population, electrical voltage and other general information.  I've decided to make this experience for you more personal.


Guam is a place like no other.  We are diverse society of multiple nationalities that have come togheter to call ourselves Guamanians.  So if you have decided to make Guam your home, congratulations!  You are now a Guamanian too!


The people that originally settled Guam nearly 4,000 years ago are the Chamorros, and these warm and loving people still today are the largest ethnic group on Guam. Through time, Guam has evolved into the most beautiful blend of ethnicities on our planet, including a smattering of other mixes of statesider, Irish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Micronesian, Polynesian, Vietnamese, and well, many others.   As you can see we are about as diverse as you can get here!  Today's Realty, for example, as nearly 50 members of our team as of this writing, with approxiamately 19 different ethnicities or ethnic mixes.      


We've all adapted well to the island way of living.  We enjoy our barbeques, leisure time at the beaches or strolls through our many parks and historical places.  Some of us take in a game of golf at one of our many professional courses around the island.  


Every once in awhile we visit our world class international airport and head to one of many of our nearby islands or the major cities in Asia that are just 3 to 4 hours by air.   It's all about location and we have it!


History has shown that Guam's strategic location was, and still is, important for many reason.  Magellan, and many after him, recognized Guam's location as a station in the early days to replenish the galleons that plyed the seas.  Today, the United States military embraces our location with multiple forward bases that are located in Guam to maintain political balance in our region.


We also offer our unique location and genuine beauty of the island, it's resources and all its people to a visitor industry that brings over one million friends from all over the world on an annual basis to relax along our sandy beaches and swim and play in our calm waters.


As I ventured through life, I discovered that I could offer the gift of Guam through home ownership.  I became a REALTOR and have been on the quest to help people like you make Guam their home!


Whether you are here for a short stay, or will become a long term resident like me... I arrived as a five year old, with my parents, from North Carolina in 1968... and well... so many years later...


Guam is our home... We would love to make it yours!


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